Vibration Measurement with smart phones

sweden_flagVibration is a recurring problem in the workplace, and direct measurements are often necessary for determine the actual exposure levels. Unfortunately, the absence of cheap and user-friendly measurement equipment is a major obstacle in the risk assessments.

SmartVib is the solution to this and consists of a user-friendly, educational, time-saving and affordable sensor for measurement of both hand-arm and whole body vibration. By using SmartVib, vibrations can conveniently be measured and analyzed with a smart phone application.

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SmartVib consists of a small separate unit that wirelessly sends a signal to a smart phone in which an application processes the measured vibrations. The transfer does not have to be continuous, because the device has an internal memory where the measured values are stored. That means that measurements can be started in the morning, and the downloaded in the evening. The same sensor is used for both hand-arm and whole body vibration and with the application can the risk of vibration be evaluated.

The project is led by: Umeå University, Department of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (

The sensor is developed by: CVK – Vibration & Noise, Lulea (

The mobile application is developed by: Umeå University, Computer Science (

The evaluation is done by: Västerbotten County Council, Occupational and Environmental Medicine (

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The development is financed by: AFA Insurance (